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Features that make running your league easy!

League messaging for teams and players

Quickly communicate with members of your league

Simple reminders, rain delays or rescheduling can all be easily communicated to teams and players across the league with League Hero’s messaging services.

Send specific messages to each captain or a mass message to everyone in the league.

League messaging for teams and players
Mobile League Management Application

A Custom League Website

Each league gets a clean, easy-to-read and customizable website with league schedules, rosters and recent news. All leagues pages by League Hero are also designed to be used on your mobile device.

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Easy Registration and Setup

League Hero’s number one point of emphasis is easy registration and setup. It shouldn’t take hours to setup and manage your league and we go to great lengths to simplify the process.

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League Hero Sports

A Variety of Sports

A wide range of sports from basketball to volleyball are supported by the League Hero platform. Organize and manage your league or club with ease and follow examples of the sports we support.

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A Simple League App

Everything you need in an affordable league management application.

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